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Splinter Cell Conviction & Year Subscription to FHM £25 @ FHM Store [Xbox 360 Games]

Jonathan Lester
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Splinter Cell Conviction & Year Subscription to FHM £25 @ FHM Store [Xbox 360 Games]

This isn't a standard deal by any means. FHM has a history of enticing new subscribers with traditionally masculine free gifts, and they're currently bundling Splinter Cell Conviction with a year's subscription for £25 total. This is £10 cheaper than Simply Games, the cheapest competitor... and don't forget the extra year of boobs, cars and men's fashion advice. Note that this deal is for direct debit payment- be sure to cancel it once the year is up!

There's another caveat as well. The website states that

"We reserve the right to replace the free gift with one of equal or higher value in exceptional circumstances of excessive demand."

You know what that means. FHM could well pull the rug out from under you if demand gets too high. Still, at this price it's definitely worth a punt.

Anyway, that's enough about the deal itself- let's talk Splinter Cell. Ubisoft's upcoming Xbox exclusive has a lot to prove after Sam Fisher's disappointing last outing, and it's looking fairly handy. The previous Splinter Cell games were notorious for instant restarts if the player alerted enemies, but Conviction appears to be taking a radically different approach to stealth gaming. Instead of punishing players for failing to remain in the shadows, the game actively rewards stealthy tactics by introducing a series of deadly moves. Brutal new execution mechanics and close combat manoeuvres make Sam Fisher feel more powerful than ever, and a slightly less linear style will ensure enhanced replayability.

I'm personally not sold by the demo, as I feel that the controls are a little clunky and the graphics slightly dated. However, the art design is top-notch, and an extremely promising co-op campaign will help to round out the package. If you're thinking about preordering Fisher's latest stealthy shenanigans then this deal may provide you with a killer saving and some decent bathroom reading.

Thanks to herby247 at Hot UK Deals

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