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Split/Second £26.85 @ ShopTo [PS3 Games]

Tom Silkstone
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Split/Second £26.85 @ ShopTo [PS3 Games]

Split/Second is a crazy, fast paced, explosive, action packed racing game and you'll need to keep your wits about you if you want to avoid being crushed by falling bridges or caught in a blaze ignited from a gas outlet pipe before crossing the finish line.

You can grab a copy of the game on the PS3 for £26.85 from ShopTo, which'll make you a saving of just over £5 on the next best deal of £31.94 from Amazon.

If you can't decide which to buy Blur or Split/Second, I'll make it easier for you; get Split/Second because it's far more enjoyable and you actually feel like your taking part in a high speed race instead of lazily cruising around a bland track.

The races kick off with a bang as fireworks are set off to indicate the chaos has begun and the heart pounding experience continues throughout, right up until the final moments when the second and final set of fireworks are sent skyward. There are a couple of nice touches to keep up the illusion that you're moving at ridiculous speeds from visual blurring to the sounds of your car's turbo charger and nitrous kicking in.

You'll need to learn the best lines around the track and get to grips with your advanced driving techniques if you want to keep up your distance from the other races, and I'm not yet convinced that having the same button for braking and drifting is a good idea.

Mastering the controls is the first step to defeating the other competitors, the next step is to turn the environments against them using the various context sensitive powerplays that'll crop up as your tearing around the courses. In order to use a powerplay you'll first have to charge up them up by drifting and drafting around the course. Once you've done this you'll have the chance to wreck the other cars if you activate them at the correct moment. The destruction that you can cause using powerplays is a spectacular sight to behold and definitely increases the excitement involved in taking part in the races.

If you've ever wondered what smashing a summertime action blockbuster into a demolition derby would create, then you might want to check out Split/Second.

Thanks to AK Gunners @ HUKD

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