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Split/Second Velocity £29.85 @ Simply Games [PS3 Games]

Jonathan Lester
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Split/Second Velocity £29.85 @ Simply Games [PS3 Games]

Split/Second, the explosive arcade racer from Disney Interactive, has been thrilling gamers with its insane blend of racing and ridiculous fireballs. Simply Games are currently retailing at £29.85, which will save you around £2-3 pounds compared to their nearest competitors (notably Tesco with their stunningly ubiquitous FTSL15-1 voucher code). It might not be not be a massive saving- but why not treat yourself to a mini or PC indie game with the proceeds?

If Michael Bay were to design a racing game, the resultant mix of massive explosions and glorious spectacle would resemble Split/Second. Taking its cues from the early Burnout titles, it throws drivers into an insane reality show where accessible racing dynamics merge with awesome pyrotechnics. Taking advantage of environmental traps, players can trigger action movie-style sequences such as exploding buildings, helicopter gunship chases and collapsing bridges to annihilate their opponents and change the layout of the tracks. It's a ridiculous, rambunctious and riotous racer that's quite unlike anything else out there.

Having said that, Split/Second is far from perfect. The sneaky bot AI will frequently infuriatingly overtake you on the final straights even though you don't put a foot wrong (sticking to you like glue) and you'll frequently find yourself woefully outmatched. The two-player splitscreen is also simply not enough... seriously, developers: we need four players or bust.

What's more, it's is now facing stiff competition from Blur, the self-styled Mario Kart for adults. It offers a superior multiplayer experience (bar some netcode issues), but doesn't offer the ridiculous eyepopping singleplayer shenanigans that Split/Second delivers.

A great find from goonertillidie at Hot UK Deals

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