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'Splosion Man Half Price @ Microsoft Live Markeplace [Xbox 360 Games]

Jonathan Lester
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Xbox 360

'Splosion Man Half Price @ Microsoft Live Markeplace [Xbox 360 Games]

Xbox Live Gold may provide a stable and streamlined online multiplayer experience, but its hefty price tag can be a real annoyance for gamers on a budget. Microsoft has recently been sweetening the deal by temporarily slashing the prices of a popular Xbox Live Arcade title every week for its faithful Gold customers. To kick off February, they've halved the price of 'Splosion Man the critically acclaimed platformer from Twisted Pixel.

The premise is simple. You control the titular ‘Splosion Man: a cute but ruthlessly psychopathic escaped experiment who’s trying to escape his laboratory. Unfortunately, his way is barred by a fiendish selection of platforming puzzles, traps, mad scientists and killer robots that would make Mario wet his overalls…and at first glance you might think he’s a little underprepared. Splosion Man can’t jump. He can’t fly or fire projectiles. His one ability, as you might imagine, is to explode. Sure, he’s a one trick pony… but luckily, he’s damn good at it.

Exploding acts as a double jump, wall jump and brutal defensive countermeasure rolled into one, providing an accessible game mechanic that quickly gets taken to absolute extremes. 'Splosion Man is a truly hardcore title that pushes gamers to their limits without becoming frustrating or cheap in the process. Prepare yourself for insane jumping challenges, timed sections and punishing on-the-fly puzzle solving with a hilarious sense of anarchic humour underlying it all. 400 Microsoft Points will net you substantial amount of content with fifty singleplayer levels as well as a separate multiplayer campaign; you're getting serious value for money here. Take advantage of the deal while it lasts!

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