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SPOILER: Batman Arkham City Features Nightwing Character

Felix Kemp
Batman: Arkham City, Rocksteady Studios, Warner Bros. Interactive
Batman: Arkham City

SPOILER: Batman Arkham City Features Nightwing Character

Yet Another Secret Leaked

I'm almost surprised Rocksteady hasn't released the entire script to Arkham City yet, such is the rate with which its secrets are spilled, either officially or unofficially. Next up, Nightwing, a fan-favorite DC character apparently, whose inclusion in Arkham City has been outed via PS3Trophies.org, who leaked the game's entire set of trophies, with two in particular referencing Nightwing in campaign and challenge map modes.

Nightwing is likely to feature as a pre-order bonus somewhere - similar to the Robin character, who's exclusive to Game and Gamestation if you pre-order from there. But who is Nightwing? Well, to the untrained but well-versed in Wikipedia sleuthing eye, Nightwing has been both a Kryptonian counterpart to Batman and Dick Grayson's new identity having rid himself of the Robin monicker. Arkham City's version is likely to be the latter. [PS3Trophies]

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