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SPOILER: MW3's "No Russian" Moment Revealed Online

Jonathan Lester
Infinity Ward, Modern Warfare 3, No Russian

SPOILER: MW3's "No Russian" Moment Revealed Online

But Infinity Ward Believes That Most Will "Pass Right Over It"

Modern Warfare 2 shocked audiences (to some degree) with its No Russian sequence that cast players as an undercover operative who has to stand by and watch - or even get involved - as innocent civilians are gunned down in an airport. A hastily-pulled Youtube clip has revealed that Modern Warfare 3 will also attempt to jerk at the heartstrings... and we've put the spoilery details behind the page break where they can't hurt anyone. However, Infinity Ward believe that these sections have been blown out of all proportion by us media types in order to spark debate (well, who could blame us) - and that most players will "pass right over it."

"For the most part what happens is a lot of media outlets play it up, and it goes on some Friday afternoon, Friday night news thing, and they talk about how horrible it is that they're killing people in the middle of our subway, but it's the cricket after that, and no-one cares." - Infinity Ward Executive Producer Mark Rubin to OXM

The proof will be in the pudding - or more accurately, in the gameplay - once Modern Warfare 3 hits shelves next week.


As evidenced by the now-inactive Youtube clip, Modern Warfare 3's controversial sequence takes place from the perspective of an American father who's filming his wife and daughter in front of Big Ben. However, a truck subsequently explodes in front of them, which kills the trio and covers the area in toxic gas. Since the player can't actually act during this sequence, I daresay that its emotional effect will be slightly dampened - but chilling stuff nevertheless.

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