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Sports Interactive Confirm October Release Date For Football Manager 2012

Matt Gardner
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Football Manager 2012

Sports Interactive Confirm October Release Date For Football Manager 2012

Just a quick one, an announcement that will no doubt drive parents, teachers, bosses and partners alike into groans of anguish. The exam/job/relationship wrecker is back! Football Manager 2012 is to be released on October 21st.

Sports Interactive's Miles Jacobsen confirmed the news on the official FM12 blog, giving a little insight into the new features being implemented this year.

Improved scouting, full team reports and comparisons and goal analysis technology are all in there. You can scout teams for in depth reports that will give you strength overviews, comparative stats on individual position strength and data from previous matches.

But, perhaps most excitingly, you can get full analysis reports on the tactics you employ.

'Tactic analysis gives you information on how you’ve fared when using specific tactics,' says Jacobsen, 'with information on how many times you’ve started with those tactics, how many minutes you’ve used them, how many goals you’ve scored & how many you’ve conceded. As well as a breakdown for goals scored and conceded against different rankings of team – higher rated, similar rated and smaller rated. Along with a paragraph of analysis. For each tactic used.'

Jacobsen also mentioned that scouting of unknowns would need to be relatively regular.

'The scouts are also more intelligent, and will even tell you if they think the scouting mission you’ve sent them on is a waste of time. And if they’re a decent scout and you hire them, they might even bring a ready-made scouting list with them.

'They’ll give you feedback on a players best tactical role, will directly compare them to others in your squad in their scout reports, give better feedback on player weaknesses, can be assigned to scout all your feeder clubs & ask them to scout for specific attributes.

'But don’t think they’re always clever. If you just scout a player once, and they aren’t famous, you’d better keep scouting them every year or so, or else you might just find some of their stats become hidden again.'

Find out more here.

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