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Square Enix: Current Era "One Of The Best Times For Consumers"

Matt Gardner
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Square Enix: Current Era "One Of The Best Times For Consumers"

Square Enix's worldwide technology director, Julien Merceron, has suggested that consumers today are having a better time of it than ever before, if only due to the sheer diversity in content, genres, platforms, and experiences.

Speaking at length about the Wii U and Nintendo's different approach in comparison to that of Sony and MS, Merceron predicted that the upcoming console would appeal to a community that prized innovation in interaction over graphical fidelity and cinematic immersion, but noted that we're living in a time that caters to all tastes and preferences.

"If you look at the recent Nintendo platforms, the DS, 3DS and the Wii, it seems like they are trying to avoid aligning too much with Sony's and Microsoft's strategies," he told GII in a cracking interview. "They are trying to take a different path, a different perspective on things. The type of entertainment they provide focuses not so much on graphics or immersion, but more on high-quality and innovative gameplay. They try to be different, they try to find a different market and they try to solve problems that they perceive as being the most important to solve today. So yeah, Microsoft and Sony are trying to solve different sets of problems. Their focus from a consumer perspective is completely different.

"I strongly believe that the Wii U is going to provide new ways of interacting with games and there is definitely a community out there that is interested in that. Now there will definitely be another community that won't be too interested in this, and will be interested more in Hollywood blockbuster type of games with cinematic gameplay experiences.

"So really I think that if I take a step back on this, I think it is one of the best times for consumers. Today, you can play on iOS, the web, the 360, PS3, Wii, Vita and so many other platforms. Because of the differences, they get a wide variety of experiences. I think it has probably never been as great as today to be a video game player and Nintendo is helping to bring this variety. We saw on the Wii that they helped broaden the market and it benefits everyone. iOS is helping to broaden that market as well. Maybe in five or six years these players will be hardcore players. I would say that all the work Apple and Nintendo are doing today to broaden the market will be one day beneficial to Sony and Microsoft. I hope the new platforms that Sony and Microsoft are making will choose different directions to offer even more variety and diversity for gamers."

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JonLester  Jul. 10, 2012 at 16:16

I broadly agree (though I wrote that article in 2010) - gaming is more inclusive and varied than ever before, thanks to both triple-A polish, indie experiments and the huge variety of potential platforms.

That said, the mid-to-late nineties take some beating...

Last edited by JonLester, Jul. 10, 2012 at 16:28
RiKx  Jul. 10, 2012 at 16:36

the mid-to-late nineties take some beating...

Totally the golden age of gaming, the industry is STILL trying to live up to most of the release's from this time period...

Breadster  Jul. 10, 2012 at 17:16

Totally not digging the current gen as a whole. The industry is too much about making money thee days. I agree with the above comments about the nineties. Games were actually about art and fun back then. Obviously there's still good games companies out there, but they just get swamped under all the trash.

I love games but I'm getting more and more annoyed with the industry at the moment. I've been playing a lot of older games recently (particularly Chrono Trigger) because they're just so much more fun.


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