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Square Enix Are Not Involved With The New Carmageddon

Tom Silkstone
Carmageddon, Games news

Square Enix Are Not Involved With The New Carmageddon

Yep that's right, every anarchists favourite racing series is set for a reboot! The next Carmageddon instalment won't have anything to do with Square Enix though, instead it'll be an indie project.

The Carmageddon webiste (www.carmageddon.com) that displays a countdown timer ending on 1st June (the possible date for our first glimpse of the new title), has nothing to do with Square Enix, which is hardly surprising considering all rights to the series have been prised out of their grasp.

Whilst it's not clear yet as to who exactly's developing the new game, Stainless Games, who were behind the original title have focused their attention on things like Magic: The Gathering and Risk, so chances are it won't be them, but then again putting out a new Carmageddon game could be a good way to pull in some of their old fans.

Lets just hope whoever has secured the rights to the game brings us a worth entry to the series that's packed full of dastardly driving and destruction! We'll bring you more as the situation unfolds! [vg247]

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