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Squint At The 2D Trailer For Ocarina Of Time 3DS

Felix Kemp
Games news, Ocarina of Time

Despite worrying rumors of stock shortages orchestrated by Nintendo themselves, we're not far away from the 3DS remake of perhaps the greatest game of all time, The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. You might have heard of it. Built from the ground up on new tech to take advantage of Nintendo's new portable's three-dimensional qualities, it also includes exclusive features like a Boss Challenge mode, and now we have a new - admittedly 2D - trailer to pore over.

The trailer begins with a like-for-like opening from the original, as a fleeing Zelda and Sheik escapes the Gerudo king, Ganondorf, but not before casting Link the titular Ocarina of Time. Next, a montage of various classic moments in the game, from vanquishing the demonic spider lurking in the Great Deku Trees' roots to hurling Bombs into the great King Dodongo's hapless maw. It'll delight fans, and is sure to entice newcomers. [Game Trailers]

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