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SSX Features 100,000-Player Events

Josh Clark
EA Conference Gamescom 2011, Gamescom 2011, SSX

SSX Features 100,000-Player Events

A whole host of SSX multiplayer details were spilled at EA's Gamescom conference, including the fact that up to 100,000 players can compete at once in 'Global Events' that will be held at regular intervals and allow gamers to top worldwide leaderboards for ultimate bragging rights.  EA promise that SSX will 'revolutionise' online multiplayer gaming, doing away with lobbies and removing the need to schedule your game time.

Todd Batty, Creative Director for SSX explained that the multiplayer aspect of the game would be split into two modes: 'Explore', and the aforementioned 'Global Events'.  In 'Explore', players will be able to drop into any of the world's biggest peaks, modelled on information gathered from NASA satellites, and set a time.  That time, along with a ghost of your character's run, will be uploaded to EA's new Ridernet system, which works in much the same way as Need for Speed's Autolog, recording your personal best times and allowing friends to try and beat them.

SSX Features 100,000-Player Events

Your impending doom may also be recorded...

If your friend beats your time, they win in-game currency.  If they fail, you do, whether your console is turned on or not.  This currency can then be used to purchase new boards and items for your rider.  EA are keen to stress that Ridernet will make multiplayer gaming more accessible to those whose commitments prevent them from scheduling their gaming, and so far, it looks as though they're accomplishing that objective.

Batty also mentioned that preorders will receive extra in-game content on Origin.com.

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