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"You Stabbed Me In The Balls!" - Misadventures in Nidhogg

Matt Gardner
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"You Stabbed Me In The Balls!" - Misadventures in Nidhogg

Nidhogg is a cracking little game, that much is certain. We'll worry about whether or not Messhof's multiplayer fencing title justifies its £10 price tag in the review later on today, but it's certainly got an addictive, pick-up-and-play charm to it.

Better yet, it supports local and online multiplayer!

Fighting bots is a waste of time, so naturally we had to bring you some multiplayer footage. But with the internet being a little iffy chez moi over the weekend, I had to ask for a little local help from my better half to stand in as an expert companion, seeing as she's actually done a bit of fencing before.

Nidhogg -- much like Smash Bros or Mario Kart -- is a game of fine margins and swift, stabby murder. Needless to say, it isn't long before the atmosphere is filled with indignant exclamations and declarations of vengeance.

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