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Star Citizen Doubles Crowd Funding Total To $4 Million

Carl Phillips
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Star Citizen Doubles Crowd Funding Total To  Million

Big Plans Ahead For The Final 48 Hours

It’s not quite the highest crowd-funded gaming project yet, but developers Cloud Imperium are so very, very close at this point. In the early hours of this morning, it was announced that the grand total for upcoming space combat sim Star Citizen had broken through the $4 million mark ahead of schedule, and at the time of writing currently stands at $4,102,672. This means that a plethora of new features have been unlocked, including a more missions for the single-player portion Squadron 42 (now up to a total of 45), a new spaceship to fly in the persistent online universe, a professional mod toolkit for players to use for free, and the promise of monthly webcasts to update the community.

It’s been a hell of ride, so I guess it’s time put on the breaks, celebrate the success of the campaign, and then get to work? Not if Chris Roberts and his team have anything to say about it…

The final 48 hours of the fund raising campaign will see a large amount of activity on official website, all in an effort to hit the next target of $4.5 million. Plans for Saturday include new posts detailing even more information on the game, and a series of “meet the team” introductions from the developers. However, the grand finale truly starts on Sunday (8pm GMT) when Chris Roberts and his team will begin a 24 hour webcast. Answering questions from the community (be it on Star Citizen, Wing Commander, or the ‘–lancer’ titles), providing some “exciting announcements,” and detailing some 11th hour pledge opportunities, the hope is for Star Citizen’s impressive fund-raising campaign will go out on an even bigger high.

So, what else could they possibly add to a game that now will have everything, including bobbleheads? A lot more, it would seem. More star systems for the online portion, taking the total up to 60 at launch: a Cruiser, which will be the largest ship a player can own: Extended hardcore flight controls added to the game, which includes flight chairs and multiple monitor support: And finally, a new alien race to go with a new base type to discover in the galaxy. With the total being at $4.1 million at the time of writing, it’s very possible all of this could be unlocked before the end.

Should the unbelievable happen and the grand total hits £5 Million, a companion app for tablets and smartphones, more community updates, town hall meetings with Chris Roberts (probably in Austin, Texas), even more star systems (70!), and celebrity voice actors for Squadron 42 have been promised.

As dangled virtual carrots go, those are some pretty tantalising ones. Well played, Chris & co.

We’ll be back on Monday with the final results of this extraordinary re-emergence for the Space Sim genre, but for if you still want to get involved and help unlock more content for Star Citizen you can do so by either heading over to the Roberts Space Industries website or by heading over to Kickstarter by clicking the widget below.

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