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Star Citizen Smashes Crowd Funding Record As Campaign Ends

Carl Phillips
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Star Citizen Smashes Crowd Funding Record As Campaign Ends

Pledgers Go Beyond Developer's Expectations

It hasn’t been a case of “if” but “by how much” for some time in regards Star Citizen’s crowd funding campaign, but after an exciting month filled with reveals and increasingly elaborate tier goals, the developers at Cloud Imperium have a final total: A record breaking $6,222,353. Tripling their initial target, the grand total beats the previous record holders at Project Eternity by $2.1 million. Despite the Roberts Space Industries website suffering from heavy traffic throughout the day (including an outage at the start of the final day) pledges have been swarming in at an unprecedented rate for exclusive 11th hour items, which included rare ships, hardback cover manuals, and T-shirts.

Highlights of the 24 hour webcast include one of the developers falling asleep (spawning a photoshopping spree in the chat room), playing of “Ride Of The Valkyries” to inspire pledges, Ultima series creator Richard Garriott dropping by to answer some questions, and the Cloud Imperium team inadvertently turning a lamp into a celebrity. The team ended the livestream broadcast by popping champagne, and Roberts thanking the community for making it all a reality. In a press release issued this evening, Roberts once again heaped praise upon those who backed the project.

“I am absolutely elated by the incredible outpouring of support for this project. It’s clear that space sim fans have just been waiting for a game like ours to come along and rekindle some of the excitement that’s been missing from PC games and the space sim genre. With the resources that our fans have provided, it means the team will be able to provide more features in Star Citizen and deliver an even better game.”

With the countdown now officially over, we have compiled a list of what players can expect from Star Citizen upon its launch in 2014:

  • 100 Star Systems for the Persistent Online Universe (more than Privateer.)
  • 50 Missions for the Squadron 42 Campaign.
  • "Behind Enemy Lines", the first mission disk for Squadron 42 (akin to WC: The Secret Missions) will be free to all backers.
  • Motion Capture for Squadron 42.
  • Customisable dashboards for ships (Bobbleheads etc.)
  • Numerous ships and bases unlocked, including Bengal Carriers to capture.
  • Support for hardcore flight controls (Gaming Chairs, Multiple Monitors, Track-IR, Oculus Rift.)
  • Companion App for tablets (to monitor commodities & communications outside of the game.)
  • One of the cast from the Wing Commander series returning for Voice Acting duties.
  • Full Orchestral Recordings for the Star Citizen and Squadron 42 soundtracks.

On top of this, everyone that pledged during the campaign will be given lifetime insurance for their purchased ships (meaning they will never lose them, even when destroyed in battle.) Although the main campaign is over, there will still be ways to donate to Star Citizen if you have yet to. A pre-purchase system will be in place which will come with a ship (although there will be no choice in which ship players receive, nor will it come with lifetime insurance), and a subscription scheme will be available to provide exclusive insider info on the development process beyond the free community updates. You can find all the information on what will happen next be checking out the latest blog post here.

While the team at Cloud Imperium deserve a little time to celebrate (and, more importantly, get some sleep) the real work will now begin. A multiplayer Alpha test is planned to begin in November 2013, with the finished product expecting to emerge in September 2014. It's going to be a long wait for the 90,000 backers who have supported the game, but we here at Dealspwn will be sure to keep you up to date with the latest developments as they happen.

To finish off with, here are a few pictures from the webcast.

Star Citizen Smashes Crowd Funding Record As Campaign Ends

Chris Roberts and Ultima creator Richard Garriott, talking about their days at Origin Systems.

Star Citizen Smashes Crowd Funding Record As Campaign Ends

The Cloud Imperium team toasting their success.

Star Citizen Smashes Crowd Funding Record As Campaign Ends

The now infamous lamp.

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