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Star Citizen Test Footage Showcases Impressive AI

Jonathan Lester
PC games, Roberts Space Industries, Space Sim, Star Citizen, Tomb Raider, trailer

Roberts Space Industries has released some in-development footage showing off the dogfighting and formation AI we can expect in Star Citizen.

Frankly, if this is test footage, we can't wait for the real thing.

"The Squadron 42 / Star Citizen pilot AI will be the most sophisticated AI that I’ve attempted on any of my games," Chris Roberts wrote on the dev blog. "My goal is to take the ideas that I pioneered with Wing Commander and later games; distinct personalities, dynamic learning, signature moves to next level with the power of modern CPUs."

“We're a long way off from the final article, but as you can see from the video AI can already fly in formation, respond to commands and engage in combat. All the dogfighting you see in this video is AI driven!”

If you like what you see, you've still got six days to get in on the Star Citizen Kickstarter campaign.

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