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Star Citizen’s Crowd Funding Effort Breaks $3 Million

Carl Phillips
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Star Citizen’s Crowd Funding Effort Breaks  Million

Referral Program Added In For The Final Push

It appears the Space Sim fans can’t stop giving, as Star Citizen has now surpassed the $3 Million mark with 10 days left for pledges. In doing so, the community has ensured that not only will there be more community updates for the project, but that the story campaign for Squadron 42 will be extended from 30 missions to 35, as well as adding more star systems for players to explore in the persistent online portion of the game.

In an open letter on the Roberts Space Industries website, Chris Roberts thanked the community for the overwhelming support so far.

“Three million dollars! It’s hard to believe we’re already here, far above our initial objective and well into some of the stretch goals, with still 10 days left in the campaign. It’s all thanks to you, our incredible fans. I am impressed every single day when I see the dedication you have already given this project, spreading the word and building a great and supporting community. It’s going to be a daunting—and rewarding—task for the team to continue to build the game knowing how much this community believes in us. And it’s a task I’m proud to say we’re up to.”

Despite the success so far, Roberts does reveal that he hopes to raise another million before the end of the funding campaign, as this would allow them “to do more sooner, especially on things like the modding tools.” He hopes that the usual trend of a serge in pledges in the closing days will happen for Star Citizen, although he does admit that is something of a “stretch.”

It’s no surprise then that Cloud Imperium are pushing a new initiative to reward referrals. Thanks to partnerships with Alienware, Logitech, NVIDIA and Oculus (a hint at possible Rift support, maybe?) those who refer the most pledgers will be in with the chance to win some rather heavy duty prizes, including an Alienware Aurora Desktop system, a Logitech Flight System G490, and an Oculus Rift headset. Runner-up prizes are also available, as well as bundles the actual referred pledges and daily draws for anyone who gets involved.

Although there were initially some fears that those who had already talked their friends into pledging would see no reward, it has now been confirmed that retro-referral links will be available soon to provide early adopters with a chance of winning the big prize. You can find out more about the “Get The Pledge Out” initiative by hitting the link here.

With 10 days to go, there is still time to get involved should you want to. You can either head to the Roberts Space Industries website and pledge there, or you can head over the Kickstarter by hitting the widget below.

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