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Star Citizen’s Crowd-Funding Total Hits New Heights

Carl Phillips
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Star Citizen’s Crowd-Funding Total Hits New Heights

24-Hour Livestream Boosts Funds As New Website Goes live

Just when you thought the folks at Cloud Imperium couldn’t get any more money, they’ve outdone themselves once more. Last Friday saw the relaunch of their Roberts Space Industries website, bringing a new server cluster online to host its redesigned web portal for backers, laying the ground work to the release of the first hands-on module for Star Citizen known as the Hanger later this year. The occasion was marked with yet another 24-hour livestream from their offices in Austin and LA, unlocking more content for the game thanks to the latest cash injection that has pushed the crowd-funded game's grand total to a new record, and giving the community a first look at a variety of ships.

New stretch goals were revealed early on in the Livestream with the $11 Million target already reached, allowing the team at CIG Austin to move to a larger office that will “support expanded development.” The next goal at $12 Million will enable CIG to build a sound studio (as it is currently done in a home studio) to allow for “cutting edge sound effects and Hollywood voice talent” to be included in the game. Perhaps more excitingly, it will enable the team to bring Oculus Rift support to the Hanger module which is due out in August. The final stretch goal, a gargantuan $13 Million, will add a new Destroyer class ship into the game for piloting, and the inclusion of a Command and Control Center, which will allow players to supervise combat from the deck of your ship and control all of your fighters from there. We’re not sure if this means hopping between craft or if it will be more like the Commander role in Battlefield, but either way it is a feature many will no doubt want.

As for the reveals, there were barrage of them with the unveiling of the Idris Corvette being one of the most noteworthy. A large ship capable of support a few players and two single-seat fighters, 150 of them were put up for sale on the website at an eye-watering £857, all of which were sold out in a mere 9 minutes. Elsewhere, a work-in-progress look at the interactive Star Map was shown, and a number of ships, such as the Caterpillar transport, M50 Interceptor, Starfarer Tanker, and Avenger fighter, got their visual debut. On top of this, two new in-game star systems were announced for the game, and the community also got a first look at one of the alien races that players will come across – the Banu.

Considering the grand total now rests just $73,000 short of the $12 million mark, Chris Roberts and his team will no doubt be celebrating the success of the website reboot and the latest livestream. In an open letter which appeared on the website as the stream mysteriously collapsed 5 minutes ahead of schedule, Roberts thanked everybody for their continued support over the last six months, going as far as saying that “Star Citizen fans are the best fans in the world!” He promised that the team would not go silent after this latest string of reveals, with new information appearing on the website later today. You can read the open letter in full here.

Star Citizen is still some way off being finished, with the release date currently set for Novemeber 2014, but pledgers will be getting hands-on with the Hanger Module from August, with the multiplayer Alpha build set to be released to backers this November.

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