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From Star Fox to President Obama: News Roundup 19th July

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Rock Band allows bands to upload their own tracks in this week’s news roundup.  Also, Braid creator is revealed to be working on a new project, Star Fox Fans take the series into their own hands, and Microsoft and Obama bicker over the Xbox.

Braid Creator Working On New Project

From Star Fox to President Obama: News Roundup 19th July

Jonathan Blow, creator of the excellent puzzler/platformer Braid, is confirmed to be working on a new game.  Job ads placed in the news section of the Braid website has revealed his next project is “a puzzle-exploration game that is philosophical, and quiet, and is being made for reasons other than crass profit motive”.

When questioned he went on to further explain the concept of this game is based on an idea he came up with long before the release of Braid.  But as it will be “a more-expensive, harder-to-make 3D game”, he has only decided to pursue the idea recently.  As work on the game only began a few weeks ago, the project is roughly two years away from completion, and whether or not it will arrive as a downloadable title like Braid remains to be seen.   [Joystiq]

Fans Make a New Star Fox

From Star Fox to President Obama: News Roundup 19th July

A group of Star Fox mega-fans have decided since Nintendo don’t seem to be interested in a new game, they may as well make one themselves.  Using the Freespace Open engine, the team is creating a brand-new PC exclusive, tentatively titled Shadows of Lylat.  Nintendo haven’t given their permission to do so, and are unlikely to, questioning the likelihood of Shadows of Lylat ever seeing the light of day.

So far the game features space and ground battles, new and classic enemies, three different Arwings to pilot, and even multiplayer modes.  The gameplay won’t be an exact recreation of the original Star Fox games, Freespace being more of a simulation shooter, while Star Fox is more of an arcade shooter.  As long as they can avoid as much copyright infringement as possible Shadows of Lylat will be released “when it’s done”.  [Kotaku]

Rock Band Letting Everyone In On the Fun

From Star Fox to President Obama: News Roundup 19th July

Established and rising artists have previously been the only ones taking part in rhythm game Rock Band.  Harmonix have changed this, allowing anyone that can make music to join the party.  Rock Band Network is a program letting bands prepare and release their own songs as a download in the game.

To do this the Reaper Digital Audio Workstation is also needed to add the note charts for each instrument, after which the songs can be uploaded through the Rock Band Network Web.  If the song is approved by the Creators Community, it will be made available for download, priced between $.50 and $3 (UK price to be revealed) at the choice of the musicians, receiving a 30% cut.  [Gamespot]

Microsoft and Obama Fight

From Star Fox to President Obama: News Roundup 19th July

Earlier in the week American President Obama argued parents can’t demand achievement in school and then “fail to support them when they get home. For our kids to excel, we must accept our own responsibilities. That means putting away the Xbox and putting our kids to bed at a reasonable hour”. Microsoft responded to this, agreeing with President Obama that it's a “time for families to work together so that kids use media in ways that are safe, healthy and balanced. Xbox 360 is the only console gaming system that has a timer feature allowing parents to set time limits for their kids, as well as parent controls to enable parents to set limits on what their kids are playing and watching”. President Obama -0, Microsoft -1.  [Gamepolitics]

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