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Star Wars Galaxies Servers Shut Down This December

Jonathan Lester
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Star Wars Galaxies Servers Shut Down This December

That Was One In A Million

Merry Christmas, Star Wars Galaxies fnas. You've had to suffer through a lacklustre initial release, deal with the server jump and watch as your the experience hemorrhaged players to other MMOs... and now, the world is coming to an end. SOE will be pulling the plug on December 15th, prefaced by shutting down the Trading Card store and deactivating subscriptions ahead of time.

We are extremely grateful to all of the SWG fans. We have had the rare opportunity to host one of the most dedicated and passionate online gaming communities and we truly appreciate the support we've received from each and every one of you over the course of the past eight years.

Note that SOE are planning one last hurrah, so stay tuned over the next few months for a "galaxy ending event." What's more, existing subscribers will be given a free two month trial to DC Universe Online. [SOE]

It's a crying shame, because without Star Wars Galaxies, there won't be a Star Wars MMO on the market. Oh, except BioWare's Star Wars: The Old Republic. Which still hasn't got a release date. So... early 2012 or even holiday 2011 then?

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