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Star Wars Kinect To Feature Rancors And Pod Racing Along With Jedi Action

Tom Silkstone
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Star Wars Kinect To Feature Rancors And Pod Racing Along With Jedi Action

I've got some more rumours for you today! This time it's about a title that I can't wait to start flailing my limbs around to! Star Wars Kinect looks like it's branching out from being a purely Jedi orientated title, seeing as the developers have supposedly added in a pod racer section and are also possibly letting you take control of a monstrous Rancor!

The pod racing plants you firmly behind the driving seat and you'll naturally control your trajectory using an imaginary steering wheel, although from what I care to remember of Star Wars Episode 1, I'm pretty sure the pod racers, or at the very least Anakin's pod racer, were controlled with levers.

Now from the moment it's gruesome head could be seen emerging from behind a huge door in Return Of The Jedi, the rancor has been one of those creatures you know you wouldn't want to mess around with! But what would it be like to be one? Well, you might get to find out because apparently you'll be able to control one, thanks to the Kinect camera, and crush things beneath your massive feat by performing the same action. It'd be silly if the camera wasn't rolling whilst you were doing this, so I'd be surprised if it didn't lead to some hilarious videos cropping up on the internet at some point in the future.

Lets not forget though that the really exciting part of the experience will be the chance to swing a lightsabre around, and hopefully use a couple of force powers, as you jump into the shoes of a Jedi Knight. You'll also be able to engage in Jedi vs Jedi battles from either a standing or a seated position, but where's the fun in planting yourself down on your couch whilst you're duelling it out, if I wanted to do that I'd play some Jedi Knight!

When speaking to the BBC, Kinect's creative director, Kudo Tsunoda, had this to say about the game:

I think you could just easily imagine being a Jedi and using Kinect to make you feel you're part of a Star Wars experience, building yourself up into a Jedi.

Personally, I'm not sure that taking the game down the comedy route with the rancor or including the racing sections with the pod racers are good ideas, but then again it might bring a bit of variety to slicing and dicing with a lightsabre, lets just hope that it's done well! [Kotaku]

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