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Star Wars: The Best of PC Collection £8.99 @ GAME [PC Games]

Matt Gardner
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Star Wars: The Best of PC Collection £8.99 @ GAME [PC Games]

Some games just scream value for money at you, items like The Orange Box or the Oblivion/Bioshock double pack. Now it's the turn of George Lucas' mega-millions franchise as Star Wars: The Best of PC Collection contains five of the best games you can buy out there that sport the Skywalker and Co. brand. Still no X-Wing vs. TIE Fighter though.

GAME are offering this insanely good five-game pack, which includes Empire at War, Battlefront, Jedi Knight II: Jedi Outcast, Knights of the Old Republic, Republic Commando and a free 14 day trial of Galaxies, for just £8.99, about half the price of rival Gamestation's listing.

Okay, so Republic Commando is more of a filler title here than anything else, but the rest are perfectly legit. Battlefront serves as an excellent reminder as to why Pandemic were a lauded studio in the first place, Empire at War is a really very solid RTS, it would probably not be as good were it not set in the Star Wars universe but the fact of the matter is that...well....it is, and you can probably throw the Galaxies trial into the bin because 1. It's crap, and 2. Everyone's going to be playing The Old Republic in a matter of months anyway.

Which leaves us with two absolutely barnstorming titles. Jedi Outcast was the first in the Dark Forces/Jedi Knight series that zoomed out of the first-person perspective to allow for some balletic lightsaber actiion, and boy was it good. You had to earn it - the first third of the game playing out like a third-person shooter action-adventure game - but when Kyle Katarn finally gets his hands on the beam blade, everything changes. It's a crying shame that LucasArts stopped making Jedi Knight games, but then precedent shows that they tend to stick with average games rather than taking the time to build on their good franchises.

Which brings us sweetly along to KOTOR, which, as some of you who've checked out our author bio page might know is One Of My Favourite Games Of All Time. BioWare surpassed themselves with this one: cracking story, brilliantly realised universe, an action RPG mechanic that had something for both sides, and some of the best game characters ever. Every single sci-fi game since has tried to replicate the black wit of HK-47, and they've all fallen short somehow. Unfortunately BioWare seem hell-bent on turning this fantastic RPG series into an MMO, but when, in two or three years time we're all jacked in to the internet crying over the bugs that have yet to be fixed and deploring the lack of character, narrative and focus, at least we can come back to this and remember what it was like when people actually took the time to craft a really excellent game.

If you're a Star Wars fan and you've never played any of these, especially KOTOR, then you need to pick this up right now.

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