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Star Wars The Old Republic Early Access Detailed

Felix Kemp
BioWare, Star Wars The Old Republic
Star Wars: The Old Republic

Star Wars The Old Republic Early Access Detailed

Pre-Order, Redeem Code, Play Game Early

Having finally been dated, Bioware has outlined plans to reward fans who pre-order Star Wars The Old Republic with access to the game ahead of its December 22nd release date. So, pre-order Star Wars The Old Republic as soon as possible, redeem the supplied code, and at an unspecified date before late December you'll be able to download the game client and play it ahead of schedule.

However, there's a catch. Bioware have yet to nail down a date for Early Game Access, but have advised they'll be treating the matter on a first come, first served basis. So hurry! Furthermore, not everyone will be able to enjoy Early Game Access, as Bioware will be managing player-counts and server stress very carefully ahead of launch to ensure the current build is capable enough of supporting such a sudden influx of players. We'll keep you posted. [Bioware]

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hurrakan  Sep. 29, 2011 at 09:45

Way ahead of ya :) I pre-ordered it within minutes of first seeing it announced in my Google Reader (26th July). Didn't hear anything yet though.

hurrakan  Sep. 30, 2011 at 17:20


Today I received two emails from Bioware.

One of them said this:

"Don't let the adventure end - Now that you've had a chance to experience your own Star Wars™: The Old Republic™ saga, make sure you don't miss out when the game launches. Pre-order* for Early Game Access and lock in your copy today."

The problem is that the adventure did not yet start! I have NOT had a chance to experience SWTOR! I've already pre-ordered. Did I miss something?

The 2nd email is even more worrying:

"Compare testing experiences - Tell us what you think.
We hope you are enjoying participating in the Game Testing Program and want to thank you for helping shape the most anticipated MMO to date."

I haven't been participating yet, although I wish I was.


CarlPhillips  Oct. 1, 2011 at 09:50

I had those emails too, but another one was sent out this morning explaining yesterday's emails were sent out in error to a larger group of users, and that there would still be chances to test to game before release. So yeah, you weren't the only one who was all like "whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat?!" yesterday, and thankfully there's no reason to panic!

Not yet anyway :|


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