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Star Wars Old Republic To Sell 3 Million In 1 Year

Felix Kemp
BioWare, EA Games, Star Wars The Old Republic
Star Wars: The Old Republic

Star Wars Old Republic To Sell 3 Million In 1 Year

According to US Analyst

If you're inclined to believe rumors, Star Wars The Old Republic is the most expensive game EA has ever made. Bioware's MMO is a huge investment for the company, so it's a good thing its analysts have it pipped for whistling past three million copies in just over a year. US analyst Cowen & Company now expect The Old Republic to double their initial year-one sales forecast of 1.5 million copies.

"Since Star Wars became available for pre-orders three weeks ago, it has tracked very strongly on the Amazon.com top-selling video games list," the titular Doug Cowen reveals. "We believe it is trending as well or better than two of the top-selling PC titles last year, Blizzard's Starcraft 2 and World of Warcraft: Cataclysm, both of which went on to sell over 4M units."

EA has already announced terrific pre-order figures for Star Wars The Old Republic, comparable to numbers Activision's Call of Duty Black Ops reported last year. The latter went on to sell over 25 million copies, so such figures bode well for EA's massive investment. [CVG]

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StolenDiagram  Aug. 11, 2011 at 20:34

"it's analysts"? Who are "it's"? EA? Bioware? Lucasarts, or just anyone who happens to have an opinion on the game, unaligned with the above? Unsurprisingly a firm hired by either company is unlikely to predict record failings across the board or they'd lose a client.

The problem I see with TOR is that people wanted a new entry into the KOTOR universe, but they wanted KOTOR 3 as opposed to KOTOR "pay us £10/$12 a month for the privilege or gtfo"

The game has a predicted 200 hours of story driven gameplay per character class - however, neither company has claimed that that is how much content is available at launch or whether the entire story will be complete within that timeframe and that is a VERY big problem if you're dealing with a story based MMO and not something like SWG which had a huge social network across each server which allowed for player created content.

As much as I would like for the game to be successful, it CANNOT rely on story alone, especially if this fee is charged on a monthly basis or it'll die on it's ****.

Last edited by StolenDiagram, Aug. 11, 2011 at 20:41


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