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Star Wars: The Old Republic Already Selling Gold For Money

Felix Kemp
Games news, Star Wars The Old Republic

Star Wars: The Old Republic Already Selling Gold For Money

Excited for Star Wars: The Old Republic? We're sort of excited. And by 'sort of', I mean we're mulling new rigs, improvisational holidays and investigating nutritious yet sustaining snacks to avoid growing a paunch as we conquer the galaxy. And even though we're months from launch yet, you can already exchange your real-world currency for in-game gold!

The Internet Game Exchange, a popular gold-seller, are offering prospective Old Republic players 1000 in-game credits for what equates to £650 in the real world. The offers don't end there, however, with a slew of companies already setting up websites dedicated to supplying players with a steady supply of gold in return for a few piles of their own hard-earned cash.

But with no thorough hands-on tests yet conducted, it's difficult to understand how reasonable such prices are? Do we really need 1000 credits, or is that even enough? A closed beta for Star Wars: The Old Republic is on the horizon, with 1.5 million already signing up to take their first tentative steps into Bioware's second take on Lucas' universe, which should allow us to investigate this matter further. [Eurogamer]

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MrRobin  Apr. 14, 2011 at 12:29

I can't imagine ever spending such a massive amount on a single game (it;s bad enough the ripoff in-game-purchases that you see on Zynga and similar games)...

You would have to hope that 1,000 creds would buy you *absolutely* everything in the game...


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