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Star Wars: The Old Republic | £16.98 | SendIt | PC

Carl Phillips
BioWare, EA, MMORPGs, PC games

Star Wars: The Old Republic | £16.98 | SendIt | PC

Earlier this morning we highlighted ShopTo's deal for SWTOR, but SendIt have since trumped it in spectacular fashion. The saving is just over £7 even with their P&P charge, which can be put towards those pesky subscription fees beyond the first free 30 days.

It ended up being something of a divider of opinion (something BioWare seem to be good at these days) that wasn’t helped by the lack of end game features or MMO-newcomer-friendly experience. However, the ground work has been laid for a great MMO, and next month’s patch will hopefully see many of the issues fixed. If you can, it’s a game best played with those you know, but you can always take advantage of the free weekend trials to judge it all for yourself or check out our colossal review. Thanks to roverite @ HUKD!

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hurrakan  Mar. 23, 2012 at 12:40

I got ripped :(

My subscription expires today I believe. I was thinking I might log in one last time - but I never did.

Patch 1.2 does seem to improve many things, but still not enough, so I wont get to see it unfortunately. Never mind.

TheTingler  Mar. 26, 2012 at 12:05

Zavvi are the second best now, offering it for £19.99 (free shipping).

Anyone shop with Sendit? They any good?

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