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From Star Wars Smash Brothers to Robot Hugs - News Roundup 5th September 2010

Jonathan Lester
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Portal 2

Portal 2 PAX Footage Details Co-op & Robot Hugs

From Star Wars Smash Brothers to Robot Hugs - News Roundup 5th September 2010

Valve released a tiny teaser of Portal 2's cooperative mode a couple of weeks ago, whetting our appetite with some cerebral buddy manoeuvres and However, their new PAX developer walkthrough footage has now featured ten whole minutes of co-op awesomeness. Expect monchromatic Portal Guns, copious pinging and heartwarming robot hugs. See it below, courtesy of GameTrailers.

The new 'ping' tool answers the burning question of how exactly to tell your partner where to place their portals... though it still seems to be an extremely confusing experience with a steep learning curve. In the hands of anyone but Valve, I'd be worried- but suffice to say, we have high hopes for this one.

Force Unleashed 2... Brawl? Awesome.

From Star Wars Smash Brothers to Robot Hugs - News Roundup 5th September 2010

Lucasarts has unveilied The Force Unleashed 2's offline multiplayer mode at PAX... and it's not what you'd expect. Rather than engaging in 3D combat in bleak environments (yawn), the brawling takes place on a 2D plane with plenty of platforms and bottomless pits to contend with. The character roster includes franchise favourites such as Darth Vader and Boba Fett, and plays out much like a certain classic Nintendo crossover franchise that we all know and love. Why not check out the video below, courtesy of Kotaku.

Far from pointing fingers and shouting "ripoff!" at the top of my lungs, I'm absolutely delighted by the new mode. And you should be, too. James Clarendon, Red Fly Studios' creative lead,  has cited many inspirations: from classic SNK franchises to obsure arcade brawler The Outfoxies. Whilst many publishers shoehorn inappropraite online multiplayer elements into singleplayer sequels, it's absolutely fantastic to see Red Fly Studios pulling out all the stops and treating the local multiplayer crowd to some riotous action. Shotgun Darth Vader! Note that this mode will almost certainly be exclusive to the Wii, but here's hoping. [Kotaku]

Project MyWorld Revived by US Company?

From Star Wars Smash Brothers to Robot Hugs - News Roundup 5th September 2010

We've recently been chronicling the tragic plight of Scottish studio Realtime Worlds, who have recently suffered massive layoffs thanks to the harsh financial climes. The fate of both APB and their current project has been hanging in the balance, but a new report indicates that the social network-based Project MyWorld has been bought by an unnamed American company.

Project MyWorld is a brave attempt to create a massive fully-customisable world to connect with multiple platforms and social networks... and if the Develop report is to be believed, the purchase couldn't have come at a better time for Realtime Worlds. Hopefully the extra money will help the studio consolidate and eventually buy back its IP.

We'll keep you updated as we hear more. File this rumour under "plausible and likely." [via Gamesindustry]

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