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Star Wars: The Old Republic Collector's Edition | £29.99 | GAME | PC

Carl Phillips
BioWare, EA, MMORPGs, PC games

Star Wars: The Old Republic Collector's Edition | £29.99 | GAME | PC

It’s worth pointing out that if you want to save yourself a tenner, you can get the standard edition from CoolShop, but if you want to get the extra bells and whistles included in the Collector’s Edition this is the cheapest we’ve seen the bundle fall to. Bear in mind that GAME are going in and out of stock with this one, so be sure to keep an eye out if it states there aren’t any left.

An array of in-game vanity items come with the Collector’s Edition, along with a free mount for all your characters, but the real meat of the bundle comes from the real-world items included. A security authenticator to help protect your account, a map of the galaxy, a copy of the soundtrack, and a statue of Sith Lord Darth Malgus can be yours. Not bad if you’re still interested in giving it a go, but I suggest you read our colossal review before taking the plunge. Thanks to Footy @ HUKD!

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StolenDiagram  Jun. 28, 2012 at 12:20

My sympathies who bought this at launch

Slightly disappointed I paid £50 for it just a few months back. Impossible to know a further price drop would occur though, the statue alone is worth several times this.


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