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Star Wars: The Old Republic Goes Free To Play November 15th

Carl Phillips
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Star Wars: The Old Republic Goes Free To Play November 15th

All 50 Levels Available, But With Some Restrictions

We’ve known this was on the cards for some time, but BioWare have finally announced a date for what you could call a re-launch for its MMORPG Star Wars The Old Republic – November 15th to be exact. Although all players will have the chance to experience every class storyline on the way to level 50, there are a number of restrictions in force for those wishing to hold onto their cash. We have all the details after the jump.

As we previously reported back in August, those wishing to not subscribe will be hit by restrictions on such things as a taking part in a limited number of Flashpoints, PvP matches, and Space missions per week (with a microtransaction purchase possible to increase it) and server queues placing non-subscribers below their paying counterparts. However, a post on the official website has now informed us that XP gain will be reduced to a slower rate for those looking to take the free to play path. There will also be restrictions on which races are available for creation, with Humans, Cyborgs and Zabrak the only choices for non-subscribers, and the wait time on quick travel mechanics will be heavily increased. Meanwhile, subscribers will essentially experience the same game as usual, but with the added bonus of a monthly allowance of Cartel Coins for the microtransaction store.

The store will allow all players, regardless of subscription, the chance to purchase enhancements such as experience boosts (allowing subscribers to level up even more rapidly) and cosmetic enhancements such as armour pieces and vanity pets. As a bonus for their dedication, current and previous subscribers will be awarded Cartel Coins depending on how long they originally subscribed for, details for which can be found in the player's account settings.

Will this be enough to inject some life into BioWare’s MMO? Only time will tell as the first anniversary for the game approaches. You can read about all of the Free To Play option and restrictions, as well as the bonuses for previous subscribers, by heading over to the official website here.

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