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StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty | £33.75 | Zavvi | PC

Carl Phillips
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StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty | £33.75 | Zavvi | PC

Prepare for Zerg rushes and Battlecruisers overhead once again as Blizzard’s beloved franchise returns. Continuing from the original game and its expansions you take control as Jim Jaynor, a human outlaw with a love for whiskey, as he tries to bring down the corrupt Terran Dominion he unwittingly helped into power. Through 26 missions you build bases, gather your resources, and order units to crush your enemies. Add to this a wonderful voice-cast, a gripping story, and hint of Firefly and you’ve got yourself one of the best PC games in years. While it was released at a debatable £40 price point this deal will return it back in line with the ‘normal’ price of other PC titles so it’s definitely worth a look if you’ve been waiting.

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John  Jan. 14, 2011 at 20:31

Wow...a £1.25 saving over the price it's been since launch, that makes all the difference. Better yet, as this site's own price aggregrator points out this isn't the cheapest price either.


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