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StarDrive Review | Space Bears Off The Starboard Bow!

Jonathan Lester
4X games, Iceberg Interactive, Indie Games, PC games, RTS, Strategy games, Zero Sum Games
StarDrive | PC

StarDrive Review | Space Bears Off The Starboard Bow!

Platform: PC

Developer: Zero Sum Games

Publisher: Iceberg Interactive

Let's start with the great news. After a brave Kickstarter drive back in 2011, Dan DiCicco and his tiny studio Zero Sum Games have finally released StarDrive to an expectant PC audience hungry for eXploration, eXpansion, eXploitation and inevitable eXtermination. Not to mention Samurai Space Bears. 4X strategy games have received little love this generation, and DiCicco promised a title with genuine personality rather than glorified spreadsheets.

Now for the good news. Instead of copying existing 4X games, StarDrive aims to shake up the genre with extensive real-time space combat and ground battles that makes the action resemble a deep spacebound RTS. Though it shares similarities with classics like GalCiv and newcomers such as Endless Space and even AI War, Zero Sum's crowd-funded effort has an identity all of its own.

The bad news, unfortunately, is that StarDrive should have stayed in beta a while longer. Some of its more radical ideas end up falling prey to a slew of niggling issues, while missing gameplay elements will likely annoy customers who buy at launch.

StarDrive Review | Space Bears Off The Starboard Bow!

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