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Starhawk Officially Announced, Single Player & RTS Elements Included

Carl Phillips
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Starhawk Officially Announced, Single Player & RTS Elements Included

It’s been a long time coming, but the official announcement from Sony has finally emerged. Starhawk is coming to the PS3 next year, and as well as refining the excellent multiplayer experience Warhawk provided there will be some new gameplay elements being thrown into the mix as well.

The fight won’t be just online this time, as Starhawk will come with a fully-fledged single player campaign in which you assume the role of Emmett Graves, a miner turned gunslinger who ends up fighting a faction called The Outcasts, mutated humans who have been exposed called Rift energy. Some of you may have noticed my use of the word ‘gunslinger’ there. It's with good reason, as the game is being described at having a “wild west in space” approach  in look and feel (making the Firefly fan in me in giddy with excitement.)

The single player is boasting dynamic gameplay which will have the AI adapting to the players actions across large and open levels. In addition, Starhawk will feature “Battle and Build” RTS elements which will allow new structures to be launched from orbit as you gather resources on the battlefield.

Multiplayer will feature 32-player matches online, complete with the usual array of vehicles, and 4-player split screen will return for online and offline play, as well as co-op modes which hint at horde-style survival gameplay. Leaderboards and clan management also returns, along with many other social features, and there’s even mention of an Android app to help you keep tabs on the action whilst away from your PS3.

For those worrying that the new RTS elements will encroach on the shooter gameplay, fear not. Speaking to Eurogamer, LightBox Interactive’s Dylan Jobe stated that the focus has been on keeping the gameplay fun.

One of the maxims we've always told our team was, building something in Starhawk should be as quick and as fun as pulling a trigger on a gun. You shouldn't have to manage. I kill you, I get your energy, I build more stuff so I can kill you again.

Needless to say, we here at Dealspwn are somewhat excited by Starhawk's announcement, and we’ll be bringing you more details as they emerge. [Eurogamer]

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