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Starhawk Is Being Tailored For The "Sophisticated Gamer"

Felix Kemp
PSN, Starhawk

Starhawk Is Being Tailored For The "Sophisticated Gamer"

Be gone, Call of Duty regulars; you have no place here in Starhawk land. During an interview with Playstation's EU blog, senior producer Harvard Bonin explained the team at LightBox Interactive is building their upcoming third-person shooter for the "sophisticated gamer", not the casual crowd who - according to Bonin - can't differentiate between a no-scope kill and a "hole in the head".

"We're aiming the story, and the gameplay, toward a bit more of sophisticated gamer," Bonin reveals. Starhawk's predecessor, Warhawk, boasted an excellent multiplayer option favoring skill and strategy over run-and-gun tactics and game-breaking exploits. So far, Starhawk - with its pseudo-RTS elements and infantry and airborne combat - looks to be continuing this tradition.

"I've been quoted as saying, 'This isn't your mom's game... it's for gamers,' and I stand behind that," Bonin continued. "While we are trying to make the fun in the game more accessible, that doesn't mean we're dumbing it down. We're making this for shooter game players. It's not going to be watered down to try and please casual gamers that don't know no-scoping from a hole in their head."

Sony has big hopes for Starhawk, which along with its beefy multiplayer features an all new single-player offering where hero Emmett Graves battles the Outcast war-band, led by his Rift energy-mutated brother. It's set to hit store shelves at an unspecified date next year. [Playstation Blog]

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