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Starhawk's Campaign Lasts 5 To 8 Hours, According To LightBox

Felix Kemp
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Starhawk's Campaign Lasts 5 To 8 Hours, According To LightBox

It was only announced officially last week, but already more and more information on the successor to Warhawk is being drip-fed to us mere mortals. And in an interview with Eurogamer, LightBox Interactive's Dylan Jobe reveals fans can expect the single-player portion of the game - where new protagonist Emmet Graves scours the galaxy for his mutated brother, now leader of the Outcasts warband - will last between five and eight hours.

"Shooters these days range between five and eight hours, depending on a play through," Jobe tells Eurogamer. "We're going to be in that range". But he goes on to explain that while most shooters simply offer you a like-for-like second playthrough, maybe with a challenge mode or two, Starhawks' open-ended, evolving gameplay means each run-through is different.

"For ours, all the missions you play through, you can play through again and get a very different experience. You can build different structures next time through. You can unlock different medals and challenge yourself in those combat sandboxes in a different way. You can get a lot of gameplay out of it". In Starhawk, Graves has a variety of weapons to engage the Outcast with, not to mention the Starhawk units. But what really sets LightBox's effort apart from the rest is Graves ability to summon building blocks such as walls, gates and such to swing the tide in their favour.

It's an ambitious concept, and so far it appears to be working pretty well. Examples show Graves fending off an attack from a hulking mech, finally summoning a gigantic platform which he dumps on top of the mechanised monstrosity. Further previews have shed light on the implications of this 'Build and Battle' technique in the much-anticipated multiplayer, allowing cunning players to set up blockades and gates that only open for friendlies.

It's exciting stuff and we can't wait to see more at E3. [Eurogamer]

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