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Start A Human Revolution With Deus Ex QR Missions

Felix Kemp
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Start A Human Revolution With Deus Ex QR Missions

We're just a few months away from Deus Ex Human Revolution now, so Square is starting to crank up the hype-machine in anticipation for their August release. And instead of the usual commercials and billboards, Square is putting the power in the player's hands, detailing an elaborate scavenger hunt where scanning QR codes scattered across the globe rewards you with in-game Deus Ex content once the game launches.

First off, you must download the Human Revolution app off the App Store to your iOS equipped device. You must be 17 years old or older, and your iOS device you're downloading the app to must be equipped with a camera - a pre-requisite for scanning those crafty QR codes - and must register for Facebook Connect. You'll also be asked what your preferred gaming platform is.

So, you've downloaded the app and you're eager to get going. QR codes can be found in a variety of places, stamped on marketing or promotional releases, in-store advertising and even online. Square will drop hints where the next QR code might appear on their official Twitter feed or Facebook page. When you've found a code, whip out your iOS equipped device and snap a pic. The snapshot will inform the app, which will then update your progress.

But what do you stand to win? Well, with each code scanned, you'll be awarded with an item, be it secret game footage, codes or access to a series of in-game 'Doors' that can be found in Human Revolution, storing all sorts of treats! The first 1,000 participants in the Human Revolution QR scavenger hunt to scan ten codes will receive a unique theme for their preferred console. If the collective score of all registered users reaches 1, 000, 000 points before August 23rd, Square will treat all participants to a unique Avatar or Playstation Home prop, modeled after the B-EE Chopper featured in the game.

Furthermore, the first ten participants to scan all 21 QR codes will be rewarded with a big old prize package, which includes a copy of Deus Ex Human Revolution Augmented Edition - on their platform of choice - a pair of Deus Ex-themed headphones, an Adam Jensen figurine, and a limited edition Compression Sleeve for the game box itself.

It's a great strategy, sure to delight intrepid fans who lap up viral marketing such as this. However, we have serious doubts over whether the QR codes will make their way Europe or Great Britain. The real-world codes, at least, appear unique to North America, but those popping up on the Facebook page or online will definitely be up for us to grab.

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Hector  Jun. 23, 2011 at 07:46

Great heads up article, but what the hell is a QR code and what the hell is an iOS device?

If Deus Ex isn't the best game of this generation I'm going to complain.

Late  Jun. 23, 2011 at 12:40

"...what the hell is a QR code and what the hell is an iOS device?"
And if you really don't know what they are, you weren't tempted to google them before posting? :\

Hector  Jun. 23, 2011 at 22:27

What the hell is google?


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