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Steam Autumn Sale Round-Up | Day 1

Carl Phillips
Audiosurf, Steam, Steam Autumn Sale 2012, Terraria, The Walking Dead, XCOM: Enemy Unknown

Steam Autumn Sale Round-Up | Day 1

Rumours suggested it was imminent, but now it has officially begun. Steam started yet another sale yesterday evening to make your heart cheer and your wallet cry. While most of you will have no doubt already taken a look, we’ve got a round-up of the best deals from their first collection of offers.

Steam Autumn Sale Round-Up | Day 1

XCOM: Enemy Unknown | £20.99 | Review

[UPDATE: This offer has been trounced by Simply Games. Go take a gander.] Not only is it one of the best strategy games of the year, it could well be one of the best overall. The team at Firaxis have shown everyone how to do a modern reboot of a classic franchise, and the current price is a bargain for the experience.

Steam Autumn Sale Round-Up | Day 1

The Walking Dead | £10.49 | Review

Yesterday saw the release of Episode 5, concluding the first season in emotional (and rather gory) style. At this price, Telltale’s adventure game / interactive story is an absolute steal.

Steam Autumn Sale Round-Up | Day 1

Terraria | £2.03 | Review

Its developers may have move onto other projects, but Terraria continues to provide a “Castlevania meets Minecraft” mash-up that is worth a look for just a few pounds (especially if you have some friends to experience it with.)

Steam Autumn Sale Round-Up | Day 1

Audiosurf | £1.49

Provided you still have a large selection of music files at your disposal (and haven’t been too swayed by the call of the cloud) Audiosurf provides a stylish and fast-paced take on the music game genre. At £1.50 it’s almost certainly worth a go if you haven’t already.

For the rest the offers from day one, be sure to head over to Steampowered.com. We’ll have our Day 2 round-up when the changes go live!

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