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Steam Autumn Sale Round-Up | Day 2

Carl Phillips
Awesomenauts, Frozen Synapse, PC games, Serious Sam 3: BFE, Sleeping Dogs, Steam, Steam Autumn Sale 2012

Steam Autumn Sale Round-Up | Day 2

The second barrage of deals from Steam’s latest sale are not much to write home about at first glance, but head into the Indie Sale (away from the front page) and you’ll find some cracking deals. We’ve got the highlights below, but here’s an honorary mention to Arma II: Combined Operations, which falls to £12.49 should you wish to join in the Day Z madness.

Steam Autumn Sale Round-Up | Day 2

Sleeping Dogs | £14.99 | Review

This may not be as good a deal as Gamersgate’s offer earlier in the month in terms of content, but for those looking for just the base game it’s certainly worth a look. A saving of a fiver isn’t too shabby either.

Steam Autumn Sale Round-Up | Day 2

Frozen Synapse | £9.49 | Review

One of last year’s stand out strategy titles, Frozen Synapse takes turn-based strategy to a new level. Best of all, you get two copies of the game with each purchase so you can go halves with a friend or gift it away.

Steam Autumn Sale Round-Up | Day 2

Serious Sam 3: BFE | £7.49 | Review

Rightly crowned Dealspwn's favourite FPS of last year, the return of the Serious One was an explosive and over-the-top experience that was just pure mindless fun. Considering the saving is fairly substantial, you should seriously consider this one.

Steam Autumn Sale Round-Up | Day 2

Awesomenauts | £2.37

Finally, we have a deal for Romino’s brawly MOBA title. If you missed out on Gamersgate’s recent bundle offer, here’s another chance to get hold of a copy for under £2.50.

For the rest the offers from day two, be sure to head over to Steampowered.com. Bear in mind that yesterday’s deals are still in effect, so be sure to act while you still have time!

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GetsugaTenshoS  Nov. 22, 2012 at 18:54

I've got a few of my own picks for good deals. One of yesterdays daily deals is pretty good and lasts until tomorrow. Darksiders 2 is £11.89 (66% off). Toki Tori is also a great indie game that's 34p (90% off) during the whole sale.

From the ones posted above, Terraria is a fantastic game. If you have a few friends who have it (and if they don't then it should be easy to convince them or buy them a copy at that price) then the multiplayer is great fun.

Also if anyone reading this is planning on buying games as Christmas presents for some friends and/or family then it might be a good idea to buy a few things in this sale and stick them in your Steam inventory and set it to private if you don't want friends knowing you have them. I'm thinking of doing that myself.


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