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Steam Deal: Early Holiday Five Day Sale: Sunday [PC Download]

Lydia Low
PC games, Steam

Steam Deal: Early Holiday Five Day Sale: Sunday [PC Download]

It's the final day of Steam's pre-holiday sale and they're offering up seven more downloadable deals for your delectation. Here are the titles available and relative price comparisons:

Eve Online: Apocrypha - £3.74 (£17.95 @ Direct2Drive)
Battlefield 2: Complete Collection - £7.49 (£14.99 @ EA Store)
Lucidity - £1.74 (£6.50 @ Direct2Drive)
Trackmania: United Forever - £9.99 (£19.50 @ Direct2Drive)
Prince of Persia - £9.99 (boxed version £8.27 @ Cool Shop)
World of Goo - £4.24 (£5.49 @ Amazon)
Guild Wars Trilogy - £14.99

This is a good opportunity to snap up Track Mania as this title is pretty difficult to get hold of: I haven't been able to track down a single boxed copy for a price comparison and Direct2Drive are asking for nearly double the price! The United Forever version includes all the environments of the series in an enhanced package for this fun racer with great multiplayer capabilities.

Thanks to their pocket-money prices, the two games that are tempting me to part with my pennies are the by-all-accounts very disappointing Lucidity and the by-all-accounts excellent World of Goo. Despite knowing that the former is a real let-down in terms of gameplay I think it's worth paying the price of a sandwich for the sake of its beautiful artwork alone. World of Goo, on the other hand is reknowned for its fantastic design and innovation and is a steal at this price.Steam Deal: Early Holiday Five Day Sale: Sunday [PC Download]

Perhaps best of all is the Eve Online deal which includes the Apocrypha expansion and is a fraction of the price other retailers are asking. Once again there does not seem to be a boxed version for sale anywhere and despite the price being hugely inflated, Direct2Drive are only offering the bog standard version!

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Bourega  Nov. 29, 2009 at 20:35

I'm pretty sure there's still another day to go, and the first "day" was 48 hours long. Could be wrong.

Darren  Nov. 29, 2009 at 21:22

Yeah I thought there was one day to go too.

Hoping Torchlight comes up with DoD.

Missed getting Kotor the other day :(

Chris F  Nov. 29, 2009 at 21:26

Lucidity for £1.74 is certainly worth a punt if you ask me, got a decent write up in GamesTM this month.


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