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Steam Deal: Early Holiday Five Day Sale: Saturday [PC Download]

Lydia Low
PC games, Steam

Steam Deal: Early Holiday Five Day Sale: Saturday [PC Download]

As well as Steam's usual weekend deal (this time it's the Lucas Arts Premier Pack, which gives you 16 games for £34.99), they also have a brand new set of games available on their pre-Christmas special.
Today the line-up is as follows:

Borderlands - £20.09
City of Heroes: Architect Edition - £4.99
Spore - £14.99
Resident Evil 5 - £14.99
Order of War - £7.49
Ghostbusters: The Video Game - £7.49
Trine - £8.49
Left 4 Dead - £6.24

Some of these deals are better than others. You can get a boxed version of Trine for a little cheaper from Tesco Entertainment, at just £7.97, but most of these deals offer at least a little saving over other retailers.

Six quid for Left 4 Dead is a fantastic price; the next best is a boxed version for £14.81 from DVD.Co.Uk, Resident Evil 5 will set you back at least £2.74 more elsewhere (£17.73 from The Hut), Order of War commands prices of £12.45 (from Shop To) and upwards, and retailers are asking at least (very nearly) double for the Ghostbusters game (next best price is £14.85 from Shop To)

There's something here for pretty much everyone. With Left 4 Dead 2 just released and gathering excellent reviews all over the shop, you may want to nab yourself a copy of the original if you've not played it yet as it is almost as good as the shiny new title and a steal at Steam's sale price. Ghostbusters is a fairly new title which has been well received but unfortunately is a better prospect for the console gamer than on PC. If real time, war-time strategy is your cup of tea then you'll probably have fun with Order of War.Steam Deal: Early Holiday Five Day Sale: Saturday [PC Download]

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John McLaggan  Nov. 29, 2009 at 01:12

Order of War also includes the DLC although admittedly that only seems to consist of around five units available to preorders. I'm tempted by Borderlands for the co-op but will wait for a few more price drops which I reckon aren't far away.

I'm a little disappointed there's no 2 pound indie game just to force an impulse purchase, gone for Order of War this time around.



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