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Steam Deal: Medieval II: Total War £2.49 @ Steam [PC Games]

Marius Goubert
PC games, Steam, Strategy games, Total War

Steam Deal: Medieval II: Total War £2.49 @ Steam [PC Games]If If you see yourself as a bit of a repressed strategic genius and are really into war because, let’s face it, war is just so damned entertaining, then why not download yourself a copy of Medieval 2: Total War from Steam? At present, this will cost you a measly £2.50 which is nearly half the price of the next best offer which comes in at £4.97 from Tesco Entertainment.

Medieval 2: Total War is my personal favourite when it comes to military strategy games. It’s not overly complex like one of those nightmarish Europa Universalis titles in which the sheer number of tables, graphs and figures made the game practically incomprehensible to anyone other than a graduate from MIT. Indeed, simply to get a basic understanding of that mind boggling franchise, you needed to read colossal 200 page booklet which is less like a game’s manual and more like the Magna Carta.

Medieval 2: Total War however lets you get straight to the good stuff. Beginning just after battle of Hastings, the game allows you to assume the role of almost any Christian or Muslim European power and conquer territory from Bagdad to the New World. The campaign mode is, in some respects, similar to a game of chess where each turn (represented by a period of six months) allows the player to move armies, diplomats and traders a limited distance across the game map.

Battles on the other hand are fought in real time with opposing armies facing each other across a 3D battlefield. Unlike the first medieval edition army units do not appear as these great fuzzy, unresolved masses but - like Rome – are intricately defined, meaning and in terms of visuals, Medieval 2: Total War is stunning. The only drawback with this deal from Steam is the fact that they don’t appear to have provided customers with access to Medieval 2: Total War’s major upgrade which means, for the moment at least, you may be stuck with a slighter older version.Steam Deal: Medieval II: Total War £2.49 @ Steam [PC Games]

Thanks to Cuddy from Hotukdeals.

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