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Steam Deal: Plants vs. Zombies @ £3.49 [PC Games]

Marius Goubert
PC games, Plants Vs Zombies, Steam

Steam Deal: Plants vs. Zombies @ £3.49 [PC Games]The whole zombie apocalypse thing has been done so many times it’s starting to get even more repetitive and annoying than that ‘Here Come the Girls’ tune from the Boots advert. With video gamers completely oversaturated with everything from Left for Dead to Resident Evil, is it really possible for a game developer to milk anything remotely original out of this overused format? Well, when it comes to Plants vs. Zombies, the answer has to be a firm and resounding yes.

You can currently download this original tower defence/ survival horror / casual game title for just £3.49 from Steam (this gives you a 50% discount on what the game would normally set you back).

You can’t have a proper zombie game without a few of the good old clichés and Plants vs. Zombies certainly has its fair share. The game sees you barricaded inside your house and hordes of undead cannibals lurking outside who would like nothing better than to get in and eat your brain. According to the traditional survival horror formula, this is probably the moment when the besieged hero and his dwindling band of survivors (one of them bitten of course)  start to nail big pieces of crooked wood to the windows and discover a shotgun conveniently buried in the back of a cupboard.

However Plants vs. Zombies doesn’t play by the usual rules, and instead of firearms, you’ll find yourself dismembering the homicidal corpses of your neighbours with an exotic variety of plant life. These vary from Venus Zombie Traps, to Hot Tamales, to Pea Shooters, all of which mist be planted at strategic locations across your lawn. The game might begin simply, but the sheer amount of upgrades available means that it quickly becomes highly addictive, and one of those titles which you’ll find yourself continually promising to quit after ‘just one more go…’

Plants vs. Zombies is an absolute champion of the casual game genre and absolute steal at this price. But if you’re still not convinced, check out the IGN review here for a more in depth analysis.Steam Deal: Plants vs. Zombies @ £3.49 [PC Games]

Thanks to Cuddy from Hotukdeals.

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Matt Gardner  Nov. 26, 2009 at 00:52

Average sequel. Cracking pun!


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