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Steam Summer Sale: Half-Life, Max Payne Bundle, and Kane & Lynch Dead Men [PC Games]

Tom Silkstone
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Steam Summer Sale: Half-Life, Max Payne Bundle, and Kane & Lynch Dead Men [PC Games]

Looks like Steam are softening the blow of having to go back to work after the weekend by offering up another list of amazing games at some very reasonable prices!

Bear in mind though that these deals will all expire at around 6pm tomorrow, so you'll want to jump online and start wiring your money across to Steam ASAP.

Half Life £1.19

This was our introduction to Gordon Freeman and the various creatures that he has to battle his way through, in what was and still is an epic first person shooter. One of the great things about the game is the lack of cutscenes, instead everything occurs in-front of your eyes and as a result you never actually see Gordon, which really makes it feel like you're becoming Gordon instead of merely controlling him. Also, to make the game a little bit more realistic, the developers decided you wouldn't be able to find weapons and items just lying about the environment, instead you'll have to search sensible locations in the surroundings, such as lockers and bodies. Half-Life virtually defines the modern FPS, if you haven't played it buy it now and prepare yourself for a wondrous experience. I'm not even disappointed...I'm actually a little jealous.

Max Payne Bundle £2.49

The bundle includes both games in the series so far and you'll make a saving of 50p and a lot of hassle over picking them up separately. Taking part in gun battles during both Max Payne games is something truly special and the bullet time mechanics are so much fun that you'll want to jump into them at any given opportunity. Also, the first game in particular contains some of the creepiest scenes that I've ever witnessed whilst playing a video game, and anyone who's played through the game should know what I mean when I start talking about following blood trails in a dark room whilst all you can hear is a screaming baby. The second offers that rare thing in videogaming...a noir that actually works.

Kane and Lynch: Dead Men £3.49

At £3.49 you'll be making a saving of over £1 on the next best deal for this explosive co-op experience. Teaming up a psychotic killer with a trained mercenary makes for an interesting if somewhat unstable partnership that works incredible well on the screen. The single player is a bit of a take it or leave it affair, but I loved playing through the main story in co-op mode with one of my housemates, although I was somewhat disappointed that it wasn't a little bit longer. The game contains some of the most brutal hand-to-hand takedowns that I've ever seen; as you'd expect from a trained mercenary Kane is able to stealthily sneak up behind his victims to take them out quickly and quietly; Lynch on the other hand will shockingly beat the unsuspecting enemy into a bloody pulp. Check out the Fragile Alliance mode for some innovative multiplayer action too.

Thanks to jonobailey @ HUKD

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