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Steam Exploration Sale: Black Friday Highlights!

Jonathan Lester
PC games, Steam Exploration Sale

Steam Exploration Sale: Black Friday Highlights!

Today's Steam Exploration Sale update coincides with Black Friday, but despite the pressure, our favourite emergent PC gaming monopoly has some serious savings to check out.

Endless Legend for £13.49 (50% off) would be one of my biggest personal recommendations. This superb 4X game only released last month, but it's already 50% off and absolutely packed with superb content. Unique factions and a great hard Sci-Fi meets High Fantasy aesthetic make this a serious contender. I described it as "a brave and fresh new 4X game that feels like a genuine addition to the genre, not just a 'me-too' wannabe" in our 8/10 review.

The Banner Saga is also a steal at £3.49 (75% off). "Imagine Game of Thrones crossed with a dark, brutal, bleak Disney production that Disney would never dare to make, and you're pretty close to The Banner Saga," gushed Matt in our full review. "Stoic have delivered a cracking tactical RPG centred around an impressively elegant combat system and a peripatetic adventure that never lets up with tough choices and decisions to be made, letting the burden of leadership weigh heavy on players' shoulders. Engrossing, challenging, and aesthetically striking, The Banner Saga is a crowdfunded triumph." Not bad for less than £3.50, eh?

Then there's Styx: Master Of Shadows at 50% off. Behold my video review, which is basically just an unfunny Mr Roboto reference with some critique tacked on. It seemed like a good idea at the time.

There's more besides, but I'd warn you against buying Batman: Arkham Origins, which can be purchased cheaper at Bundle Stars with their SUPERNOVA25 voucher code. You can even play an Easter Egg game of asteroids by clicking the star in the corner to push the discount up to 28%!

Anyway, here are the highlights. I'd also like to give some credit to jaystan @ HUKD, who was rounding this up at the same time!

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