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Steam Officially Announces Daily Deals...

Jonathan Lester
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... And Suggests That "Jerks" Should Be Charged More

Steam Officially Announces Daily Deals...

After kicking off the proceedings with Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising, Steam has announced that they'll be running a new timed deal every single day from now on as well as their usual longer-lasting promotions. You can keep up to date on their Facebook and Twitter pages. This is great news for PC gamers, though arguably bad news for their wallets in the long run. Note, however, that other digital distribution platforms and traditional retailers frequently undercut Steam Deals - and we'll be sure to price check them for you.

However, in an interesting twist, Valve also reckon that "jerks" who grief and cheat on their servers should be charged more for games. We think that this is a wonderful idea, and we have the full story below.

Speaking to Develop, Valve boss Gabe Newell reckons that the current pricing model is "broken," and that download prices should be tailored to individual consumers.

What you really want to do is create the optimal pricing service for each customer and see what's best for them. We need to give customers, all of them, a robust set of options regarding how they pay for their content.

Gabe also believes that gamers should be rewarded for good behaviour... and punished for idiocy by massive punitive prices or being forced to pay for games that are otherwise free.

An example is – and this is something as an industry we should be doing better – is charging customers based on how much fun they are to play with. Some people, when they join a server, a ton of people will run with them. Other people, when they join a server, will cause others to leave.

We should have a way of capturing that. We should have a way of rewarding the people who are good for our community.

So, in practice, a really likable person in our community should get DOTA 2 for free, because of past behaviour in Team Fortress 2. Now, a real jerk that annoys everyone, they can still play, but a game is full price and they have to pay an extra hundred dollars if they want voice.

This is a thing that we want. Make it happen, Valve! Let us know whether you'd like to see this tailored pricing model in the comments.

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