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Steam: Perils Of Summer Sale: 24th June - 4th July [PC Games]

Matt Gardner
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Bioshock 2 | PC

Steam: Perils Of Summer Sale: 24th June - 4th July [PC Games]

While you were sleeping, Steam went a little bit deal crazy and have initiated a week and a half of some stonkingly good deals. We've got to say, in recent weeks the online digital merchant has really upped its game with some absolutely cracking deals and it looks like they're set to continue their winning ways into what looks like it'll be a sweltering summer. Helpfully, to assist you in avoiding melanomas, being eaten by sharks at the beach or otherwise drowning in the ocean this summer, Steam are apparently here to help.

We'll be bringing you the best of the bunch over the next few days, from individual game deals to the massive publisher bumper pack special but hit the link below to get involved for yourself and check out some of the 500 or so games on offer!

In addition to the mega bundle deals, there'll be daily specials such as the ones listed below and we've hand picked one or two of the best. Note that these deals will expire this evening, so get your skates on. There's a countdown clock on the Steam frontpage:

Overlord: Complete Edition £3.75

Considering that you're essentially getting three games for the price of one here - Overlord, Overlord II and Overlord: Raising Hell - this deal is pretty much a no brainer. The cheapest price for any of three titles on their own is still more expensive, and far less immediate, than Steam's offer.

Bioshock 2 £9.99

At £2 cheaper than nearest competitor Gameplay, this is saving you a pretty good percentage chunk and, most importantly, puts the game firmly under that magical sub-£10 barrier. Although not quite as good as the original, Bioshock 2 is still an absolute belter of a game with a fully functional, and actually pretty impressive, multiplayer that manages to combine the best of MW2 with the underwater dystopia that is Rapture. Check out my review here.

Unreal Deal Pack £7.82

Not quite a mega deal, but under £10 every little helps and, let's be honest, can you ever really own too many copies of Unreal Tournament? I don't think so. This bundle contains UT3 - Black Edition (currently retailing at £7 by itself at Amazon Jersey), UT2004 and UT: GOTY (both exceptional games) and of course the two games that sparked it all off. The mere mention of an Unreal deal has already sent Jon into a gibbering, ecstatic wreck and at this price I can't really blame him.

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