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Steam Presents...The Rockstar Collection £29.99 [PC Games]

Matt Gardner
Bully, Grand Theft Auto, Manhunt, Max Payne, Midnight Club, Rockstar, Steam, Wild Metal

Steam Presents...The Rockstar Collection £29.99 [PC Games]

The headline above should probably read something like 'Steam In Best Deal Ever Shocker!' because this is kind of what it is. It would be easy to think that I've simply been conditioned by Steam's persistent overpricing to believe that any sort of price drop could be construed as a deal and generally I'd actually agree.

But not this time.

Steam are offering the Rockstar Collection this week for just under £30, giving you all of the GTA games - except for GTA: London but including Episodes From Liberty City - both Max Payne games, Manhunt, Midnight Club 2, Wild Metal and Bully for this absurdly low price. Even if you priced everything here at a fiver each, and that is nowhere near selling value of this lot, these twelve games would still come to double the price listed. If you've never played a Rockstar game, this is your chance, and it's a great way of getting hold of the two original GTA top-down games as well as you'll be hard pressed to find them in many other places.

GTA IV and its expansion is worth this price alone, and it will eat up your time, but there are some other utterly fantastic games here too. Vice City, my favourite of the entire series, had the best story, the best setting and some of the funniest moments in videogaming. Bully is a riotous appropriation of Rockstar's most successful formula applied to the clique-driven setting of school life and is much better than it probably should be. Max Payne and its sequel are still two of my favourite games of all time.

If you've been waiting for an opportune moment to get your hands on GTA IV then this is it, with the best extras you'll probably ever get for this price. If you're a Rockstar fan then this is must-buy too. You may not want to snap this deal up if you already own the majority of these games, but newcomers should certainly get involved. This is far too good to pass up and it lasts all week.

Thanks to Cuddy over at HUKD

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