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Steam Summer Sale 2013: Jon's Indie Pick

Jonathan Lester
Indie Games, PC games, Steam Summer Sale 2013

Steam Summer Sale 2013: Jon's Indie Pick

As always, Steam's summer sale is an enormous beast starring some massive games, but this can leave some deserving smaller titles out in the cold. To this end, I've picked out a few personal indie highlights, along with convenient one-click links to the store and our reviews. This is a first attempt, of course, so expect plenty more to be added or individually featured over the coming days.

Note that I've only added a few extra descriptions, pretty much because I've danced this dance before and someone would notice me blatantly copying over...

Silly stupid awesome!

A ridiculously low price for two excellent and hilarious adventures!

Thomas Was Alone | £1.59 | Review

One of last year's indie legends!

Why won't you buy it?! How cheap does it have to be?!

Masterfully crafted homages to and pisstakes of classic JRPGs!

Antichamber is also going for £5.09 until 18:00 this evening. It's insanely great.

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