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Steam Summer Sale: AvP, Ghostbusters & Serious Sam [PC Games]

Matt Gardner
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Steam Summer Sale: AvP, Ghostbusters & Serious Sam [PC Games]

Another day, other limited time offer running as part of Steam's Perils of Summer Sale.  Not too many stellar deals out there today for you, but we've managed to pick out three of the best that might pique your curiosity.

Again, it's worth noting that these deals will expire this evening, so get your download purchases sorted before you sit down for Doctor Who. Hit the title links below for more on each of the games.

Aliens vs Predator: Classic  £0.75

To be honest, you'd be able to pick the game up for a quid or two, if you could manage to find it that is, but we simply must champion any quality game that clocks in at below £1. If you were disappointed by the HD update and shiny reboot of the classic xenomorph rumble then there's never been a better time to sink some playtime into the cracking original. I'll be honest, it hasn't aged terribly well, but for nostalgia value alone this is definitely worth a look.

Ghostbusters: The Game £3.00

Currently retailing at ShopTo for £5.85 (but OOS), and Coolshop for £7.99, this is by far the cheapest price you're going to find to satisfy your PC-based ghostbusting fix. It's a solid game on its own, but let's talk straight - this is basically interactive fan service. If you loved the films, you're going to love this. The cast are back, the story peppered with quotable one liners and gameplay is fun and frantic and full of laugh out loud moments. If you've never seen the films you're going to feel like you've arrived at a party where you barely know a single person, but if you regularly jam to Ray Parker Jr. then snap this one up while it's at this price.

Serious Sam HD Double Pack £5.50

Considering Steam actually had the best deal around for these titles before the sale, it's unsurprising that this 75% saving equals big smiles. If you're an FPS fan that's never played Serious Sam, first flagellate yourself and then download these games immediately. To be honest, MW2 fans may find that the gameplay kind of pales in comparison to modern shooters now, but the frantic retro gunplay, the randomly spawning enemies, the humbling difficulty on the highest settings and the industry side-swiping humour are all intact.

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