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Steam Summer Sale: Last Day Encore! [PC Games]

Jonathan Lester
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Steam Summer Sale: Last Day Encore! [PC Games]

The fierce summer sun is setting once again- and Valve are wrapping up their spectacular Steam 'Perils of Summer' sale. Whilst we're personally all a little scared about being left alone once again in the dangerous hot season, the best deals of last week's sale are being repeated for one last day. Let's recap on three of the sale's biggest names and biggest bargains! Note that there are loads of great games on offer, so why not hit the link below before the time runs out at 6:00 this evening!

Borderlands £6.79

There ain't no rest for the wicked. And money don't grow on trees. Thankfully Borderlands is currently retailing for £6.79, which is almost half the price of Tesco's nearest standard offer (without using their infamous FTSL 15-1 voucher code). Successfully blending accessible FPS with intuitive online RPG mechanics, Borderlands was one of last year's standout sleeper hits- and is a blast both in singleplayer or with a group of friends. Gear up and get involved!

Left 4 Dead 2 £6.79

It's no surprise that Valve's Steam service is offering the best price for their intense cooperative zombie apocalypse simulator, but the magnitude of the deal may knock you for six. The cheapest physical copy of Valve’s dynamic cooperative zombie-butchering thrill ride is currently £14.95 at DVD.co.uk... which, doing the math, will save you just over £8. Well worth your attention, folks...

Grand Theft Auto IV £4.99

You know what GTA is. You know what it involves. You know why this is a stone cold bargain. Considering that GTA IV is empirically considered to be one of the best game of all time... and is a fiver cheaper than the nearest competitor... this has got to be worth your attention. Whilst I personally don't dig the gritty realism of Liberty City, there's still more than enough content to warrant a measly fiver outlay.

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