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Steam Summer Sale Highlights | Dishonored & Digging

Jonathan Lester
PC games, Steam Summer Sale 2014

Steam Summer Sale Highlights | Dishonored & Digging

Another day, another clutch of Steam deals worth bringing to your attention. If you haven't yet played Dishonored, it's high time you did at an almost insultingly cheap £2.49, while fans of grand strategy can get their fill with Europa Universalis V for £8.94 and Civilization V hitting its £4.99 de facto deal level yet again.

Banished is also 50% off, clocking in at £7.49. I've not played it myself, but am reliably informed that the engrossing city-builder is very good indeed, and an example of Early Access done right.

Finally, Train Simulator 2014 gives me another excuse to link to that epic Sean Bean trailer. Enjoy, Sharpe fans. And you Game Of Thrones Johnny-come-latelies.

Click here (or the banner!) to browse the full selection.

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Steam Summer Sale Highlights | Dishonored & Digging

A couple of standout bargains to be had here. Steamworld Dig is an absolute steal at £1.74, since I praised the 3DS original in our full review. An outstanding steampunk platformer that offers genuine exploration and excellent procedural generation.

Beat Hazard Ultra (£1.39) and Star Wars Battlefront II (£2.20) are also well worth a look. Consider checking out GameRanger to replace the now defunct Gamespy server browser.

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Zeipher  Jun. 26, 2014 at 21:44

I would NOT recommend Castle Story though. The developers have barely made any progress in 2 years!!!

I still can't play it.

Tsung  Jun. 27, 2014 at 13:09

I agree, don't buy it. It has been patched but it's a bit of a mess. Multiplayer is do-able, if you can port forward your router, but ultimately it is still at concept stage and not fun at all.

A friend has played the single player survival mode quite extensively. There is only 1 map, and the game will slow down to the point of unplayable if you do manage to defend your crystal for several rounds.

Look at all the negative reviews on steam, avoid like the plague.


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