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Steam Summer Sale Highlights | Endless Space Program

Jonathan Lester
PC games, Steam Summer Sale 2014

Steam Summer Sale Highlights | Endless Space Program

Intrepid (and patient) space explorers will be well away with the latest Steam Summer Sale update, at least, so long as you don't own Kerbal Space Program or the Endless Space: Emperor Edition. Both are excellent, time-consuming and available at significant discounts. Compelling RTS Company Of Heroes 2 is cheap as chips now that the Western Front Armies expansion has launched, while Child Of Light is well worth checking out if you didn't pick up Ubisoft's gorgeous poetic JRPG at release.

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Steam Summer Sale Highlights | Endless Space Program

For me, the ace in the pack has to be The Secret World at £9.99. Funcom's buy-to-play MMORPG is one of the most unique, compelling and atmospheric MMOs to have ever released, and rewards every second you put in with its recklessly innovative mission design and solo-friendly campaign. The DLC 'issues' are also exceptional and well worth the Massive Edition upgrade.

I pledged to keep an eye out for a deal on the Massive Edition in an unabashed love letter to Funcom's bizarre yet brilliant experiment, so consider that promise fulfilled. If twisted bodywork is more your cup of tea, though, I also recorded some ridiculous footage of Next Car Game. It's still in early access, but as ridiculous as you'd expect from Bugbear Entertainment.

As always, tell us what you're buying, or if the Steam Summer Sale is leaving you unseasonably cold!

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